We are proud to partner with BAM Studios. O’Neill has been working with the BAM team for over 7 years to design, provide and install studio doors, windows and decorative acoustic wall panels in their state of the art post-production recording facility. Terry Abell of the O’Neill team personally installs all of the fabric panels for BAM. The project is extremely hands with very high precision and design on all levels. Everything in the BAM studio is custom and cut by hand for the final product. It is just all part of the experience to provide the very best for our clientele. See the studios for yourself with some fabulous visuals of Studios B and C, completed by the O’Neill team and read more about the success of BAM Studio’s Serious Sound.

O’Neill Partners with The Hospitality Center for Chinese to Give Back A project that we are very proud to have been associated with was the Hospitality Center for Chinese -- a Christian outreach for students visiting the University of Minnesota Campus from China. We approved the acoustics of a multi-functional space that was too reverberant to be a quality space for any of the functions it meant for.  We provided the most practical and cost/effective, aesthetically acceptable solution - fiberglass absorber panels.   There are many faith based non-profits challenged with financial significant struggles today and I wanted to help in any way I could.  To minimize the cost to HCC I offered to take on the cost of the installation.  It was my pleasure to be able to help an organization doing good and noble work and helping Chinese students who are far away from home.  Organizations like HCC help these kids reach their potential and it was a pleasure to be able to support their mission work. Click here to read further details on HCC work.

We did a project with O’Neill for Cummins-Stoughton to soundproof some testing cells for them. The tricky part about this project was that they were using natural gas as one of their fuels, so we had to do some creative planning to create an explosion venting wall that led to the exterior with our panels. Additionally, since they were doing diesel engine testing as well, we required customized acoustic doors to handle the high noise levels. We also renovated some of their old testing cells and installed or reinstalled all new soundproofing equipment to meet their specifications. All of our materials came from O’Neill and we were very impressed with their thoroughness and commitment to seeing this multi-level project through to completion.”

We are proud to partner with Kinetics Noise Control for your creative noise solutions. They have worked with us in the Industrial sector to achieve a great deal of successful projects with the O’Neill team. Our partnership allowed us to complete a project with the University of Wisconsin - Madison. We achieved a new hospital with executive offices underneath a rehabilitation gymnasium so that they hear no noise in the offices. Find out more about Kinetics.

IAC Acoustics is an O’Neill trusted parter. Our working relationship with them stems over 20 years. It is our commitment to you, to work with the best in the business to solve your noise problems. We work with IAC to provide sound control doors and recently completed a project with Northwest University. The doors are absolutely stunning. Read more about IAC success.