Acoustic Fabric Wrapped PannelsAcoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels
Sound absorbing foam can be used to construct noise enclosures, and treat noisy spaces. The foams are typically used to add absorption to the space. Easy to work with and economical to buy. Please Contact Us so we may help you select the right product for your application or Call us at 262-367-6700 for more information!

Fabric wrapped acoustic wall panels are another option to lower noise. Rigid fiberglass board wrapped in fabric and attached to the walls or ceiling will provide a nice looking sound absorbing surface. Common applications include band rooms, training halls/classrooms, auditoriums, and conference rooms.

Advantages of acoustic fabric panel noise cancelling includes:

-          Absorbing sound and keeping sounds into one area

-          Less echoes and background noise

-          Inexpensive and effective

-          Provide the whole new outlook to any ordinary room

-          Ensure a better sound quality while controlling reverberation

-          Decorative and interchangeable

-          Available in different types of fabrics, patterns, and colors

-          Extremely environmentally friendly

Acoustic Fabric Wrapped Panels

Take control of echoing sound with this method of noise cancellation while complimenting your interior’s original design. Acoustic fabric panel noise cancellation methods are traditionally an inexpensive and effective way to sound proof any room. To provide true noise absorption, acoustic fabric is wrapped over the walls and ceilings of a room. Our acoustic panels promise clear sound outputs without any echo.

Kinetics Noise Control Interior Wall and Ceiling Acoustical Products

Acoustical Wall Panel Systems Hard Side Panes

Custom sizes up to 48” x 120”, 1-inch to 4-inch thick glass fiber core with chemically hardened edges. NRC sound absorption ratings: .80 to 1.10. Finishes: Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and vinyl’s. In-stock fabrics from the Guilford FR701 selection.

High-Impact Hard Side Panels

Similar to Hard Side with the following added features: Greater abuse resistance with a 1/8” high density fiber glass face. Tackable face. Higher NRC of 1.00 in a 1-1/8” thick panel.

Design Series 90 Panels

Durable 5/8” thick panel featuring a tackable high density fiber glass face bonded to a honeycomb core. Wider panels in sizes up to 60”x120”. NRC ratings of .70 (A mounting) to 1.00 furred out on 3-1/2” framing.

Hi-Tack Panels

Excellent tackability with a 24 PCF density fiberboard core. Custom sizes up to 48” x 120”, ½”, 5/8” or ¾” thickness. Finishes: Choose fabrics from the Guilford FR701 selection or other factory-approved materials. Use where tackability is required: classrooms, offices and lobbies.

Sportsboard Elite

Highest level of abuse resistance for a fabric-faced panel. The perforated co-polymer protects the fiber glass core. Sizes up to 48” x 120”. Finishes: Choose from a wide variety of fabrics or vinyl’s.

Sportsboard Conform

Perforated co-polymer shell covers the face and all four edges. Available in over 30 colors. Superior durability and abuse resistance. Sizes up to 42” x 114”.

Model KNP Perforated Metal Panels

Perforated steel or aluminum panels with a durable powder coat paint finish. Excellent damage resistance. NRC rating of .90 with Type A mounting. Suitable for interior and exterior applications or high humidity environments such as natatoriums. Flat or corrugated V face. Standard sizes: Flat- up to 42” x 120”. V-corrugated – up to 38” x 120”. Both in 2” thickness.

Model KSP Perforated Co-Polymer Panels

Perforated co-polymer formed over a steel or aluminum frame. Available in 30-plus colors. Excellent durability and abuse resistance. Sizes up to 42” x 120”, 2” thick. Suitable for high humidity interior environments such as natatoriums.

Ceiling Systems: Baffles

Horizontally Suspended Baffles

Wave Baffles

Large baffles for larger spaces with sizes available up to 4 ft. x 30 ft. Sailcloth facing over a 2” thick fiber glass blanket provides superior sound absorption when baffles are suspended with an air space behind. The Wave Baffle absorbed 1.20 sabins per square foot of baffle per ASTM C423. Choose from a variety of sailcloth colors or Webcore vinyl Grommets or eyebolt attachment hardware for cable or beam clamp suspension or direct mounting to metal decking or gypsum. Economical for large areas.

Vertically Suspended Baffles

PAB Baffles

Custom sizes up to 48” x 96”, 1 ½ “thick. Fabric covering over a rigid PVC frame provides a crisp square-edged baffle. Interchangeable fabric allows for lower-cost design changes by reusing the frame and glass fiber core with a new fabric. Achieve high sound absorption ratings over 1.35 sabins per square foot of baffle based on ASTM C423.

KB-803 Baffles

Economical 1 ½” thick baffle encased in 3mil fire-retardant vinyl. Standard 24” x 48” baffles available in a variety of colors with brass finish grommets. Sound absorption ratings of 11 sabins per 24” x 48” baffle per ASTM C423.

Ceiling Systems: Clouds and Panels

Acoustical Cloud Panels

Model Hard side Cloud Panels

Panel sizes up to 48” x 120” with support brackets or imbedded eye hooks on the back side for suspense as a flat horizontal “cloud”. Panel thickness – 1” to 4” NRC sound absorption ratings will exceed .85 for a 1” thick panel tested with a Type A mounting. Actual sound absorption coefficients will vary depending on spacing of panels below the roof deck. Shaped edges are available. Edges are chemically hardened. Finishes: Choose from a wide variety of fabrics and vinyl’s.

Model Applique Cloud Panels

Fabric Stretches over an aluminum frame creating a 1 ½” or 2 ½” thick panel. Fabric can be easily replaced if damaged or as a design change. Sizes up to 48” x 96”.

High STC Ceiling Panels

Model Embassy Lay-in Ceiling Panels

Utilize where speech privacy and improved noise reduction through the lay-in acoustical ceiling is required. Available in 24” x 24” and 24” x 48” with a ½” reveal. Superior sound attenuation and sound absorption versus conventional mineral board panels. Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) rating of 53 per ASTM E413 and NRC rating of .80. Fabric facing from a broad selection of colors and textures is constructed over a 1” glass fiber absorber and 1.8 PSF barrier panel. Specify for 15/16” or 9/16” ceiling grid systems.

Model QuietTile Lay-in Ceiling Panels

Architect or owner selected ceiling tile is bonded to a sound control backer for improved noise control or speech privacy. Available in 24” x 24” and 24” x 48” panel sizes.

For additional information concerning acoustic frabic, acoustic fabric panels, or acoustic fabric wrapped panells, please contact us so we may help you select the right product for your application.