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There’s nothing more distracting than unwanted noise. Office noise reduction means outside noise can’t interfere with your focus, privacy, and productivity. Not to mention, it works both ways as you can be as loud as you’d like without disrupting the rest of your team. Office sound barriers also compliment interior design as products used are typically high quality! Whether you’re working within a noisy factory or a place with constant communication, a soundproof office will make the difference.

Our in-plant office systems are constructed with modular panels, windows and doors to create offices, breakrooms, clean rooms, paint booths, CMM enclosures, and much more. We strive to provide the engineering needed to ensure noise of any type is removed from your work space.

Interested in creating additional storage within your space? A mezzanine is a low story between two others in a building, typically between the ground and first floor. Our Mezzanines are pre-engineered elevated steel structures that are used to gain floor space by going overhead. Storage, break rooms, offices, and conveyor supports are typical uses for a mezzanine. Both mezzanines and in-plant offices are less expensive office sound barriers than standard construction and tax depreciable as equipment.

Noise absorbing materials used include noise cancelling panels such as noise cancelling wall panels, noise cancelling floor panels, and noise cancelling ceiling panels – as well as noise cancelling doors and windows! All of our products are high quality and can be altered to compliment the interior of your space.

For additional information concerning in-plant office soundproofing and mezzanine enclosures, please Contact Us to help you plan the use of your space or call us at 262-367-6700 for immediate help!

In-house offices and Mezzanines