Noise EnclosuresNoise Enclosures
Noise enclosures are designed to enclose the noise source (pumps, motors, machinery) or the noise receivers, (operators, assembly people, etc.)

The proper design of a noise enclosure will account for operator and maintenance access, ventilation, safety codes, (air quality and egress) and possible needs for future expansion. The acoustic design of a noise enclosure is driven by the noise level required to meet your goals. Please Contact Us for assistance.

Solving Noise Problems Using Kinetics Noise Control Products and Systems

Noise is generally defined as unwanted sound.  A typical noise control problem includes three basic components: the noise source (machines, fans, pumps, process etc.); the receiver (persons subjected to the noise); and the path (the route the noise travels between the source and the receiver).

Noise exists in two forms: airborne and structure-borne.  Airborne noise travels from a source to a receiver as a differential in atmospheric pressure and can travel in all directions.  Structure-borne noise is unwanted vibration, which is transmitted from a vibrating source to a receiver through a solid material and regenerated as airborne noise.

Once the problem and noise type have been identified, four tools are used to control it.  These tools are: absorption, barriers (blocking), damping and vibration isolation. 

You’ll find the largest selection of standard and custom designed, industrial noice and vibration control products in the world at O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc.

Our engineering and design experience guarantees you’ll get the right product for your project, delivered on time and competitively priced. 

You’ll find O’Neill Engineered Systems’ personnel are helpful, friendly and keenly interested in finding the exact solution to your noise control problem.  Call us at 262-367-6700.  We think you’ll find doing business with us is a rewarding experience.

Design rugged noise control structures using acoustically rated and field proven demountable components.

Straight Walls – Barriers

A straight wall or barrier is the most basic of configurations and constitutes a starting point. The sound-retardant panel wall may be part of a full enclosure or a partial barrier between existing walls. The panels are connected by “H” joiners and securely joined to the floor by placement in a standard floor channel. Seal against other structures is made with angle connectors and felt stripping.

Floors and Vibration Control

Where structurally transmitted noise and/or vibration must be controlled, the enclosure is built upon a floor floating upon vibration isolators.

Partial Enclosures/Shields

Walls at right angles to the basic wall may be added by using a corner joiner. If other than a right angle connection is desired angular joiners are used.

Trackwall for Completely Removable yet Captive Walls

Trackwall components are stored in a convenient storage area when removed from the structure. These sturdy, all-steel jacking panels seal between the existing floor and the overhead structural track. When ‘open’, trackwall panels leave no trip hazard sills. All hardware is captive, ensuring long-term maintenance-free acoustic integrity.

Access to Enclosed Equipment

Doors, removable panels, windows – no-sill personnel access is provided with manual or automated sliding doors, framed openings or a wide range of hinged single- and double-leaf magnetic seal doors. For vision, standard double-glazed windows range from 12” by 12” to 27” by 74.5”.

Ventilation for Complete Enclosures

Ventilation systems in low- and high-volume flow designs are offered in both Noishield and Noise-Lock constructions. Air conditioning is available for personnel shelters and test environments.

Roof for a Complete Enclosure

Roof construction is similar to that used for walls. Standard ‘H’-joiners, roof channels and apron provide the necessary structural and acoustical seals and may be used for most applications on spans up to 20 feet. When the roof must support more than its own weight and for spans greater than 30 feet a special structural ‘H’-joiner is utilized.

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