Sound Absorbing Barrier Walls

Sound Absorbing Barrier Walls
Acoustic barrier walls are commonly used to separate noise sources from the receivers. Punch presses in the shop, electrical transformers and air cooled chiller units in the community, and highway barriers along the Interstate are common applications. Installation of acoustic barrier walls can dramatically reduce environmental and equipment noise.

An acoustic barrier wall can reduce noise by as much as 20dB-A depending upon the height and size of the noise source in relation to the location of the noise receiver. Barrier walls create a shadow zone of quiet that changes with location. Please Contact Us for assistance in the design of your barrier wall or Call us at 262-367-6700 for more information!

Freestanding Barriers
Noise shield Types: FS and SFS Barriers – sound absorptive on one and two sides respectively – optimize sound transmission loss and sound absorbing properties in a durable and attractive wall system in harmony with the community. Excellent low-frequency absorption for heavy equipment Laboratory-rated sound absorption on one or both sides Low weight, rugged construction – ideal for wall or roof mounting 5-in thick (127mm) modular metal module system in steel or aluminum Abuse resistant dual-coated, galvannealed steel or aluminum construction Withstands wind velocities of 110 mph(177 km/hr) – designs for specific wind loads are available Readily relocated in the event of expansion or other projects Sound Absorptive Treatment for New Construction and Retrofit Applications Noishield Type C Cladding Modules – sound absorptive to control reflections from acoustically hard barriers. Apply to new or existing wood, concrete or steel barriers to reduce reflected noise levels in the community. Retrofit existing barriers to eliminate or mitigate noise complaints Low weight rugged construction – ideal for retrofit applications Laboratory rated sound absorption coefficients 2 ½ in (64mm) thick metal module system Abuse resistant galvannealed steel or aluminum construction Individual modules readily manufactured and replaced if damaged Weather-Resistance – Noishield Sound Barrier Modules are constructed with solid top surfaces to minimize water infusion and perforated bottom surfaces to allow any entrapped water to escape. Infill is non-hygroscopic – water does not “wick” into the modules. Hence, traditional polymer fill protection is neither required or desirable due to adverse effects on sound absorbing characteristics.

Ground Mount/Roof Mount/Structure Mount
Noishield Barriers are engineered from the foundation up for structural and acoustical integrity and economical installation. Low weight modules stack between posts to achieve required wall heights. Noishield barriers can be installed with horizontal or vertical reveals to satisfy aesthetic and architectural considerations. Finishes – Noishield Barriers are finished with a tough, thermosetting, polyester powder coating which is not damaged by the harsh cleaning chemicals used to remove spray paint graffiti. A wide variety of standard colors allow complementary decorative schemes and attractive designs to reduce apparent wall height as perceived by the community.

IAC America has been long-regarded as the leader in the development of modular Secure, Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and RF/Acoustic Shielded facilities and products. Now these facilities are available with Accutone2 enhanced performance. The Accutone2 Sentry Series combines industry-rated, laboratory tested, and proven in-field performance with contemporary aesthetics that offer the look and feel of traditional construction within modular units.

IAC Accutone2 Sentry enclosures provide RF/acoustic shielding and physical security. The enclosures meet both of the most commonly used specifications for secure facilities: Department of Central Intelligence Directive DCID1-21. Physical Security Standards For Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF) and National Security Agency (NSA)”TEMPEST” Specification 65-6 for electronic security.

Light-weight, four-inch-thick panels available with RF shielding within shell construction Aesthetically pleasing, weather-resistant cladding Handle wind loads as high as 120 miles per hour (193 km/hr) and roof loads of 50 lb/sq ft(2394 N/m2) or higher Resist seismic loads of Zone 4 magnitude without additional external support Bullet/blast resistant construction Fire rated UL,wind, and seismic approvals.

Although acoustic-frequence and radio-frequency phenomena obey the same basic wave-theory equations, in traditional construction, they often are regarded as requiring separate attenuations and individual construction in which an RF enclosure is encased in an acoustical room made of either masonry or sheet-rock-and-stud construction. The result requires wall thickness of as much of 24” (60cm) and generates a weight that precludes construction anywhere but on solid ground. Finally, without rigorous attention to detail, the acoustic facility has the potential to fail the acoustical specification. IAC America’s Accutone2 Sentry system is built from panels which are only 4” (10cm) thick. The fire retardant panels, of welded steel construction, are filled with sound-absorbing and dampening material. They are light-weight, modular and meet DCID 1-21 requirements for security. Panels are tightly connected and reinforced with steel joiners for additional structural strength. They may be ordered with RF shielding installed.

Variations in traditional construction. Including the specification and installation of doors and the ventilation design, have the ability to seriously compromise the acoustical adequacy of a SCIF installation. IAC Accuton2 enclosures are delivered as complete turn-key units that include: Walls/Doors/Floor/Ceiling (or roof) Ventilation systems Wave-guide-beyond-cutoff filters Silencers Alarm Systems Power and communication filters The Accutone2 offers a completely flexible selection of fabric panels, acoustical liners, and carpeting in five color-ways that combine to create palettes ranging from monochromatic to complementary. Other space-enhancing options include, chair rails, fabric top-paneling, computer floors, and interior finishes for floors and desktops.

Accutone2 Sentry rooms are fully demountable and relocatable. Because RF/acoustic and physical security is provided in a single-perimeter structure, relocation can easily be accomplished without loss of acoustic or RF shielding effectiveness. As fully demountable structures, they can be purchased with equipment funds rather than construction funds. Accuton2 Sentry rooms also qualify for accelerated depreciation tax benefits according to Internal Revenue Service Ruling 75-178. Savings, compared to welded-shell alternatives, can be as much as 25% of the purchase price. IAC America’s Accuton2 Sentry Series SCIF units are both laboratory and field-tested to meet the requirements of both DCID 1-21 and NSA 73-2A and 65-6. IAC America guarantees the in-filed performance of the Accutone2 Sentry Series.

Accutone2 Sentry is available in four levels of acoustic performance which meet or exceed the NIC sound groups outlined in DCID 1-21. Accutone2 panels can offer an STC rating as high as 52 dB and RF shielding effectiveness of 100 or 120dB at 1GHz. By comparison, the traditional wood-product-core RF shield panel construction will typically offer an STC of 35dB and RF shielding effectiveness of approximately 50dB at 1 GHz. All Accutone2 specifications are laboratory tested and in-field proven.


Noise-Lock Multi-Wave Doors are RF shielded and comply with the requirements DCID 1-21, and are acoustically rated at STC 49. IAC America’s unique cam-lift hinge allows for ‘Zero’ threshold height. RF/acoustic contact seals eliminate the need for lever action door latching.

IAC America’s extensive line of silencers satisfies almost any acoustic and pressure-drop requirement. RF attenuators are incorporated into all silencers. Silencers can be matched to meet STC, NIC, and RF shielding performance specifications of modular and welded structures.

Accutone2 Multi-Wave RF-shielded panels are four inches thick and constructed with galvanized steel on both sides. Panels are filled with compressed sound-absorbing and retarding elements and welded to form an intrusion-resistant construction. When used in demountable construction, panel-joints are shielded with a continuous-roll-formed galvanized steel section. When used in permanent construction, panels are factory welded into shipping modules for field assembly or complete rooms.

Typical Applications:

Highway noise barriers
Highway noise reduction
Highway sound barrier
Highway sound barrier walls
Highway sound barriers

Please Contact Us for assistance in the design of your barrier wall or Call us at 262-367-6700 for more information!


Noishield Sound Barriers
Noishield Sound Barriers

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Sound Barriers

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Transportation Sound Barriers