sound barrier wall
noise barrier wall
outdoor sound barrier panels
rooftop sound absorbing barrier walls
red sound fence panels
sound barrier wall
noise barrier wall
outdoor sound barrier panels
rooftop sound absorbing barrier walls
red sound fence panels

Sound Barrier Walls

Sound barrier walls are designed to absorb and block high noise levels from indoor or outdoor machinery and equipment. Indoor sources may include air compressors, turret and punch presses, and many others, while outdoor sources—which can severely impact the surrounding community—include electrical transformers, dust collectors, cooling towers, and chiller units.

Excellent Sound Absorption & Attractive Design

Sound barrier walls exhibit excellent field and laboratory tested sound absorption and transmission loss, and can be designed with sound absorptive surfaces on one or both sides.

Unrivaled Durability for Ground, Roof, or Structure Mount

The 5-inch thick modular outdoor sound barrier panels are dual-coated galvanized steel or aluminum and are engineered to meet wind loads as required by code. The heavy gauge steel makes the panels highly abuse resistant. This rugged construction makes them ideal for ground level or roof mounted applications.

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Product Features

Sound absorbing barrier walls are engineered from the foundation up for structural and acoustical integrity and economical installation. Low weight panels stack between posts to achieve required wall heights. Barrier walls can be installed with horizontal or vertical reveals to satisfy aesthetic and architectural considerations. Barrier walls are finished with a tough, thermosetting, polyester powder coating, which is not damaged by the harsh cleaning chemicals used to remove spray paint graffiti. A wide variety of standard colors allow complementary decorative schemes and attractive designs to reduce apparent wall height as perceived by the community.

Addition Features & Benefits

  • Galvanized Steel or Aluminum
  • Free-Draining
  • Light Weight
  • Easily Installed
  • Highly Sound Absorptive
  • Weather-Tested Finishes
  • Freestanding or Add-on Cladding Panels
  • Relocatable
  • Horizontal or Vertical Installation
  • Apply to new or existing wood, concrete or steel barriers to reduce reflected noise levels in the community
  • Retrofit existing barriers to eliminate or mitigate noise complaints
  • Laboratory-rated sound absorption coefficients
  • 2-1/2” (64 mm) thick metal module system
  • Individual modules readily manufactured and replaced if damaged

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