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Sound Control Curtain systems provide an excellent option in the battle against noise reduction.

Noise barriers, screens, and full enclosures can be constructed with the modular sound control curtains. Noise levels can be typically reduced by as much as 20 dB-A with a properly designed curtain enclosure. Lighter, flexible, and less expensive than metal panels, curtains may be right for your noise control project.

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Composites are limp mass barriers supported by a decoupling layer of fiberglass or foam.  They provide a sound transmission loss value that exceeds that of other materials of the same weight.  An additional outside layer of absorptive fiberglass or foam can be applied to enhance acoustical performance. 

Barrier Composites

Kinetics KBC barrier composites are thin, rugged, high performing, flexible acoustical composites designed to solve difficult noise control applications where sound absorption must be increased and sound transmission must be reduced. Kinetics Model KBC barrier composites are available with ½ PSF, 1 PSF or 2 PSF (2.5, 4.9 or 9.8 kg/2) mass-loaded vinyl barriers with a 1” or 2”, quilted aluminum cloth faced fiberglass absorber on one or both sides of the barrier.  Various roll sizes are available. 

Fiberglass Composites

Heavy-duty, single and double layer molded fiberglass and mass layer composites provide maximum noise absorption inside hot engine compartments and equipment enclosures.  Single layer includes faced or non-faced 1” (25 mm) thick fiberglass absorber and a 0.5 PSF (2.5 kg/m2) mass layer.  Double layer composites include an extra 1” (25 mm) fiberglass-decoupling layer after the mass layer.  Easy installation with stickpins or formed channels.

Noise Control Curtain Systems

Rugged, durable and aesthetically pleasing, Model KNC noise control curtain systems offer a low-cost alternative to permanent noise control enclosures for industrial equipment.  Features include excellent noise control characteristics and superior resistance to heat, chemicals and oils.  Easily attached to floor, wall and ceiling mounted track systems.  The curtain panels feature Velcro self-adhering nylon closures and heavy duty grommets.  STC rating up to 33. 

Model KC Composites

Single and double layer, 0.5 and 1 PSF (4.9 and 2.5 kg/m2) limp mass vinyl barriers laminated to Kinetics urethane absorption foam.  Double layer composites add an extra foam layer as a decoupler after the vinyl barrier.  Foams can be faced to resist oil, dirt and moisture.  An optional pressure-sensitive adhesive layer facilitates installation in equipment enclosures and machine housings where temperature and environmental conditions permit. 


Barriers reduce airborne noise transmission.  Barrier effectiveness is dependent on barrier mass, properties associated with stiffness and the environment or structural surroundings.  High quality Kinetics barriers are fabricated from transparent or opaque limp, mass-loaded vinyl.  When placed between the source and the receiver they offer high transmission loss.  Mass ranges: 0.5 to 2 PSF (2.5 to 9.8 kg/cm2)

Barrier Material

Kinetics Model KNM mass-loaded vinyl barrier materials are available in reinforced or unreinforced construction.  They are used for enclosing noise sources by draping around equipment, suspending between equipment and quiet areas, or lagging to the equipment casings.  KNM barrier materials can be used effectively to lag piping systems, reducing valves, etc,. and are highly effective as crosstalk barriers and septums.  KNM materials are available in ½ psf to 1 psf (2.5 to 4.9 kg/m2) in 54” wide x 20-yard (1372 mm x 18.2 m) rolls, with acoustical ratings of STC-21 to STC-27.


Damping reduces structure-borne noises generated by a vibrating surface by adding mass to the surface.  Airborne noise regenerated by the vibrating surface is also reduced. Kinetics damping products are available in adhesive-backed sheets or in compound form that may be sprayed or troweled directly onto the vibrating surface. 

Sound Deadener/Damping Sheets

Kinetics sound deadeners dampen and eliminate noise caused by vibrating metal surfaces. Typical applications include sheet metal ducts, chutes, bins and hoppers, and machine, motor and transformer housings.  Model KDD-3553 is a filled asphalt mastic acoustical sheet material that is fire resistant.  One side is coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive, making it easy to install.  The adhesive withstands temperatures to 400 degrees F (204 degrees C). 

Damping Compound

Non-hazardous, cost-effective solution for reducing “ringing” in sheet metal ducts, chutes, bins and metal partitions.  Type KDC is an emulsion that is easily sprayed or troweled onto metal, glass, wood and plastic.  It is fire retardant and resistant to harsh corrosives.

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