Recording Studios and Music Rooms

Studios & Music Rooms
Studios & Music Rooms are designed in all shapes and sizes. We can design and build a recording studio from the bottom up, or add aesthetically pleasing acoustic materials to enhance the sound quality of your existing room(s).

Our Accutone2 series facilities come complete with lighting, electrical, doors, windows and ventilation systems, and are available in four acoustic performance levels NIC 50, NIC 53, NIC 60 and NIC 70. These are an economic alternative to typical building materials while capturing the look and feel of traditional interiors.

Our extensive line of products at O'Neill Engineered Systems also allows us to acoustically enhance any existing room you have. You may choose to add some acoustical panels or brand new acoustic doors. We have various applications that will help keep the outside noise out of studios, and the inside noise inside a music practice room.

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Music Building Retrofit Project - Virginia Commonwealth University

Such a prominent educational stroke requires its own physical facility, established when the University purchased the one-time Grove Avenue Baptist Church and transformed it into the VCU Music Center.The sanctuary became a recital hall, administrative offices and classrooms were set up, and the basement was retrofitted into a soundproofed music practice area.Supplying the sound isolation and controllable acoustic environment for these areas are thirteen custom-designed Music Practice Rooms from Industrial Acoustics Company. IAC MPRs provide the necessary sound transmission loss and sound absorption create surroundings best suited for vocal or instrumental music practice. Constructed of all-steel, modular, interchangeable components, the rooms at VCU range in dimension from eight feet by fourteen feet (2438 mm x 4267 mm)(smallest) to eighteen feet by twenty-eight feet (5486 mm x 8534 mm) (largest). Ceiling heights vary from seven feet ten inches (2388 mm) for the small rooms to ten feet four inches (3150 mm) for the large ones. Hush joiners simplified room assembly and installation and assured noise tightness at all connecting sections.Rooms' modular design allows intermixing of "hard" or sound-reflective panels and "soft" or sound-absorbing panels. This combination of properties permits "liveness" or reverberation time of each room to be controlled for an atmosphere correct for the musical activity undertaken. All are outfitted with IAC Noise-Lock Doors acoustically compatible with the components making up room sidewalls and ceiling and featuring positive head and jamb double magnetic and sound-absorbing labyrinth seals. Compression of cam-lift hinges provides a tight floor seal to eliminate sound leakage from underneath a door and a hazardous easy-to-trip-over sill.


Music Practice Rooms
Music Practice Rooms 

Varitone & Unitone Rooms
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