acoustic panel,acoustic wall panel,noise reduction
Noise Enclosures

Modular acoustic material wall panel systems are often designed to enclose problem noise sources such as blowers, pumps, compressors, and punch presses. Control Rooms are designed to protect workers from a noise source that may be too large to enclose.

noise barriers,sound control curtains,acoustic panels
Sound Absorbing Barrier Walls

Metal acoustic panels or flexible sound control curtains can be used to create noise barriers between two areas. Barrier walls can often reduce noise levels by as much as 20 dB-A or more.

sound control curtains
Sound Control Curtains

Flexible quilted sound absorbing barrier curtains can be installed in a fixed position or on sliding tracks. Sound Control curtains are typically a less expensive alternate that will help to reduce noise.

sound control doors,sound control
Sound Control Doors & Windows

High performance acoustically rated sound doors are designed to stop noise. Fire and blast rated doors up to STC 64.

acoustic wall panels,acoustic foam,sound control
Acoustical Fabric Wrapped Panels

Sound absorbing acoustic foams are a cost effective way to eliminate the reverberation or echo in a space that raises the noise levels and negatively impacts the acoustic environment. Fabric wrapped acoustical panels offer a more aesthetically pleasing architecturally finished product to reduce noise.

Sound Attenuators & Silencers

Silencers are designed to remove fan and blower noise from the airstream. Exhaust stacks, engine generators, and HVAC systems are typical applications. Using sound absortion materials like sound absorbing flooring, acoustic doors, and acoustic curtains, we're the experts in noise reduction. Click the image to learn more about our sound reduction solutions.

vibration isolation,floating floors
Vibration Isolation & Floating Floors

Structure borne vibration can create noise and vibration problems. Spring isolators, air bag systems, and simple neoprene pads are some of the products we provide to solve the problem.

acoustic blankets
Acoustic Blanket Insulation

Acoustic blanket insulation is a pre-engineered thermal acoustical insulation system designed to reduce harmful noise levels and improve the surrounding work environment. Custom fit, removable, and reusable acoustic blanket insulation designed for process piping, machinery, and is widely used with Trane compressors. Click the image to learn more.

anechoic chambers,acoustic test chamber
Acoustic Test Chambers

Anechoic Chambers and Reverberation Rooms are designed to create a specific acoustic environment for product testing. Low ambient noise levels, specific cut-off frequencies, and total isolation from the host building are some of our design considerations. Click the image for more information concerning acoustic enclosures and find your acoustic chamber today.

recording studio design
Studios & Music Practice Rooms

Sound conditioning environments designed and engineered for high in-field noise reduction. School & University music practice rooms, recording studio design and sound studios in radio and television are among the typical applications.

Security & SCIF Rooms

These security and SCIF rooms combine industry-related, laboratory tested and proven in-field performance with contemporary aesthetics that offer the look and feel of traditional construction within modular units.

In-Plant Offices & Mezzanines

Modular in-plant office systems are an economical way to add needed office space to any facility. Offices can be placed on the shop floor, stacked two high or placed on a forkliftable base to allow for easy moving. Free standing pre-engineered mezzanines are a great way to gain extra floor space for storage, offices, and break rooms. Code compliance is guaranteed and the mezzanines carry a lifetime warranty. Click the image for additional information on plant enclosure solutions.