Noise pollution carries many associated health risks. The obvious ones are hearing damage and loss, but there are many lesser known, equally-harmful dangers. These include loss of sleep, stress-related illness, high blood pressure, and even cardiovascular problems.

Outdoor noise pollution can come in many forms and pose challenges to reduce them. In a residential area you may have a neighbor whose swimming pool pump or air conditioning unit causes excessive noise.  The typical thought is that trees and fences will solve this noise problem while in reality they do very little to solve the problem.

So what does work? Acoustical sound absorbing barrier panels work by blocking and absorbing the noise.  Earthen berms can accomplish the same result but they require substantial width and height to be effective.  In either case barrier panels can reduce noises as much as 10-15 decibels, which is the same as cutting the noise in half or more.

Acoustic barrier walls are the best solution when outdoor noise problems are disrupting the peace.  Having a quiet, more peaceful, healthier environment—makes their benefits priceless.