What is noise?

Noise can be described as any unwanted sound, whether harmful or not. Sometimes it is hazardous, and can cause damage. Other times it is simply disturbing or interfering, generally unwanted. It’s what we specialize in—or more specifically, what we specialize in getting rid of.

We have many products designed to control and eliminate unwanted noise in a variety of
environments, from enclosures and curtains to barrier walls and sound-proof studios. But how do we ensure these measures work for you? Through controlled, thorough testing of all of our products.

Our testing is conducted in independent acoustical test facilities. The idea behind these testing facilities is to provide a space where reproducible testing can be done. They are constructed for testing a range of sound control measures, including sound control curtains, poured concrete enclosures, and more.

When designing the acoustic testing facility, we need to know what test or standard our client is looking to achieve. If no such test or standard exists, we will work with the client to determine what the desired sound level is needed for the enclosure. As a general rule, we try to have the ambient sound level in the test enclosure be 10 dB lower than the product being tested. This ensures we are measuring the sound from the actual product, and not sounds from outside the enclosure, giving an accurate reading.

There are a variety of acoustical test facilities. They include:

  • Full Anechoic Chambers
  • Hemi-Anechoic Chambers
  • Reverberation Rooms
  • Predictable Field Rooms
  • Quiet Rooms
  • Listening Rooms
  • Audiometric Test Rooms

At O’Neill Engineered Systems, we can work closely with any client to not only help them understand their needs, but to completely design and build an acoustic test facility to meet these needs. Allow us to use our experience to help create the right acoustic test facilities for your needs.