Following years of outsourcing production and labor and a period of thinking “cheaper is better”, the tide is now turning and something great is happening for American manufacturing: It’s coming back.

Businesses large and small are returning to the U.S., and American consumers are also following suit—more and more are showing loyalty to American-made products. According to this article, “More people are taking a moment to flip over an item or fish for a label and ask, is it ‘Made in the USA?’”

There are multiple reasons for this: 1) American-made products are associated with higher quality, 2) Americans are realizing that supporting our country’s manufacturers is good for the economy, 3) buying American means helping to create and keep jobs here at home. It all simply makes sense.

We at O’Neill Engineered Systems are, and always have been, Made in the USA. The companies we represent have always been based in the U.S., and we like to keep it that way. We are proud and happy to support the national and local economies, and believe in the value of American products.

With that in mind, we will be joining American Made Matters® (AMM) and the rest of the country on November 19 to celebrate the first annual American Made Matters Day. According to AMM, this day is twofold: to encourage “consumers to buy at least one American-made product to show their support for American manufacturing” and to “kick-off a movement encouraging Americans to buy products made in America throughout the upcoming holiday shopping season.”

As an organization dedicated to showcasing the importance of buying American products, AMM hopes to further their work—and in turn, the economy and job market—through this event. We look forward to celebrating it, and encourage everyone to do the same.