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Noise Control Case Studies

Below you’ll find case studies exhibiting our work.

Modular Sound Wall

A casino was in need of a noise control solution for a chiller unit that would negatively impact the pool and patio areas. See what O'Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. did to help find a solution for the problem.

Roof Top Sound Screens

The Machine Shop is an exclusive event center in downtown Minneapolis. The mechanical equipment was located on the roof.  Overlooking the roof were high rise condominiums. Learn how we helped them be good neighbors and lower the output of noise on their roof.

Ho Chunk Gaming

Ho Chunk Gaming embarked on multi-million dollar expansion project that included a new 120 room hotel and an expanded gaming floor for the casino in northwest Wisconsin. Learn how we limited excess noise created by a a new 1750 KW Generator to provide back-up power for the expansion.

Industrial Exhaust Silencer

Noise control problems in the food industry often challenge traditional noise control companies by requiring an outside-the-box design. The project highlighted here required the ability to clean-inplace and inspect the internals of a large fan silencer. Learn how we solved this problem.

Noise and Vibration Isolation

O’Neill Engineered Systems (OES) was contacted by one of the premier hotel and banquet facilities in the resort town of Lake Geneva Wisconsin to help address a noise problem they experienced while hosting weddings and other large events in their banquet rooms. Here how floating ceilings helped to provide a solution.

Chiller Noise Enclosure

The Miami International Airport is upgrading its decades old HVAC systems and O’Neill Engineered Systems (OES) was contacted to review the plans and provide acoustical projections for the noise impact of two new chiller units. Here's how we provided a solution.