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Noise Control Case Studies

Below you’ll find case studies exhibiting our work.


A noisy scrap-handling system located on the rooftop of a facility was bothering nearby residential neighbors. Learn how we effectively eliminated the nuisance with sound barrier walls.

FirstService Residential

A pair of commercial exhaust systems were generating sufficient noise to contaminate a nearby conversational atmosphere. Here's how we effectively insulated the noise.

Tetra Pak

A large exhaust fan at a manufacturing facility was generating sound levels approximately 7 dBA over nighttime allowances in the neighboring community. Here's how we solved the problem.

BAM Studios

O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. was brought in to design and provide unique doors, windows, fabric panels, duct silencers, underlayment and other isolation materials for the new Studio B.

Crawford Merz

Two commercial chiller units were emitting high enough noise levels to create a bothersome environment for a nearby school playground. Learn how we effectively eliminated the nuisance.