The importance of noise control in the workplace cannot be overstated. Many people are unaware of the true dangers noise can pose to employees, and the risks associated with excessive noise. Hearing damage and/or loss, increased risk of injury, emotional stress, sleep loss, frequent headaches, and other conditions are associated with noise.

Reducing noise at the workplace is crucial for the obvious health and safety reasons, as well as for compliance with government regulations. Employers are advised to assess any risks, identify problems, and take solid action to eliminate the noise pollution.

Noise EnclosuresOne of the best ways to take action is through the use of noise enclosures. Noise enclosures have two main purposes: enclosing people or machinery. When a facility has one loud and noisy piece of equipment in an otherwise quiet environment, the best way to contain that noise is with a noise enclosure. When a facility is made up of large oversized equipment, you should look to enclose the people in a control room type noise enclosure.

Machinery enclosures will need to account for maintenance access, material flow, personnel egress, and ventilation. Personnel enclosures typically focus on site lines to the equipment so the operators can stay in the quiet environment as long as possible, helping to reduce their noise exposure. Sound enclosures can incorporate lighting, electrical, fire suppression, computer connections, etc.

The materials needed for a sound enclosure can range from sound control curtains to heavy-duty metal panel enclosures. The amount of sound level reduction will determine which type of system to construct. Sound enclosures can reduce noise by as little as 8-10 dB-A, or as much as a 40 dB-A drop inside to outside. Sound enclosures can include four walls and a roof, or can be an open-topped system, depending on the needs and the sound levels.Planer-Small

At O’Neill Engineered Systems, we offer a variety of noise enclosures for countless applications, all of which are acoustically rated and field proven. They can come readily assembled, demounted, rearranged, and reassembled, perfectly matched to meet any and all requirements.

When you are dealing with the health and safety of your workers, it’s imperative that you provide them with the best, most successful means of noise control.