Controlling reverberation (echo) in a facility is a matter of providing the proper amount of material to absorb sound. Anyone who’s walked into a new home or apartment knows the kind of echo effect that’s present in an empty space. When people move into and furnish that empty space, all of those couches and rugs absorb sound, thus eliminating the echo. The goal is the same in an industrial facility, though it involves fewer love seats and more specialized materials.

When it comes to noise control there are no charts and tables to refer to that will tell you exactly how much material is needed. Much of what we do at O’Neill Engineered Systems comes from our many years of experience. While every facility is different and presents different challenges, the problems are often the same—too much noise, not enough absorption. The proper amount of absorption material is determined by performing a thorough assessment of the space and conducting a detailed acoustic analysis that allow us to target the right amount of treatment to achieve your noise reduction goals. We have materials suitable for every environment, from clean rooms to engine testing facilities, and even coal mines.

At the end of the day, even if we haven’t seen the particular challenge presented by your facility before, we’ve seen something like it, and we’ll provide a unique solution that does what you need it to.

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