In a document about community noise, the World Health Organization (WHO) states that proven adverse effects of noise on a community or population include hearing impairment, interference with speech communication, disturbance of rest and sleep, psychophysiological, mental-health and performance effects, effects on residential behavior, and more.

The sources of community noise most commonly are aircrafts/airports, trains, highways,
sewage plants, power plants, and industrial machinery—all of which are prevalent in most developed areas of the country and the world. Thankfully, there are solutions that can help mitigate the risks associated with such noise, and lessen the disturbance on the surrounding community.

Each of these sources can be treated with a wide range of solutions that are specially-designed for noise control, including Moduline Structures, Noise-Lock Doors, Walls, Barriers, Enclosures, Ventilation Silencers, and more. These systems can easily be integrated into the architecture and existing structures, no matter what the material.

Some of our many specific products that address these needs include:

  • Power-Flow Silencers: These address the noise related to gas turbines, steel mills, wind tunnels, power plants, cooling towers, ventilation fans, and much more.
  • Moduline Structures: These structures enclose the noise source (machinery, pumps, motors, etc.), with the design specific to the noise-level requirements. They are used for a range of industrial machinery, including compressors, transformers, motors, pumps, and truck docks, as well as trains, buses, light rail vehicles, etc.
  • Noishield Sound Barriers: Built and designed to easily integrate into the environment, these can be mounted on bridges, rooftops, or on the ground, and can reduce noise ranging from trains to highways to electrical transformers and gas turbine power plants.

These are just a small sampling of the many solutions to community noise. Each can be tailored to exact needs, and before a solution is offered, we will evaluate the noise sources and their impact on the community. We then offer solutions that are both tailored for effectiveness, and are cost-effective, minimizing adverse community reaction.

If you’d like to learn more about the specific products listed above, or the countless others that meet community noise needs, or have any questions, contact us today.