acoustic chamber
acoustic chamber
acoustic chamber
acoustic test chamber
acoustic anechoic chamber
large anechoic testing room
small test chamber
white paneled sound test room
acoustic chamber
acoustic chamber
acoustic chamber
acoustic test chamber
acoustic anechoic chamber
large anechoic testing room
small test chamber
white paneled sound test room

Acoustic Chambers

Reverberation and Anechoic Chambers Provide Consistent Acoustic Environment for Accurate Testing Data

Anechoic Chambers, (also called acoustic chambers), are designed to provide a consistent acoustic environment for accurate data on repeated tests, including simple quality control requirements and high-precision acoustic measurements. Acoustic test chambers are available in different configurations for different tests. They are designed around the ISO Standard or to the exact needs of the client.

Anechoic Chambers

Anechoic chambers are acoustical enclosures where the walls, floor, and ceiling provide up to 100% absorption of the incident sound energy, making them echo free. These acoustic chambers are constructed with a noise control outer shell from our modular panels or masonry walls and have the interior surfaces lined with anechoic wedges.

Reverberation Rooms

Reverberation rooms are the exact opposite of anechoic chambers in that they are designed to reflect (rather than absorb) sound energy. They also provide sound isolation from external environment noise.

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Product Features

Anechoic Chamber Standard Features

Microdyne Anechoic and Hemi-Anechoic Rooms come equipped with the following features:

  • Anechoic glass-fiber wedges within required low frequency cut-offs
  • Double or single wall and ceiling construction
  • IAC Tranquil-Aire® Ventilation Systems – coupled to building supply
  • Lighting, interior – minimally acoustically reflective
  • Tubular cable ports
  • Interior non-reflective cable floor above floor wedges for fully Anechoic Rooms. Nylon catch net below cable floor
  • IAC Acousti-Flote Floor System with 6 1/2 Hz, rubber-in-shear vibration isolators for fully anechoic room
  • One 36 in. x 84 in. (914 mm x 2134 mm) clear opening Noise-Lock Wedge Door

Anechoic Chamber Options

  • Glass-fiber wedges with fabric or wire mesh protection
  • Foam wedges
  • Metadyne Anechoic Wedges™ protected with perforated metal casings, patent pending
  • PlanarCHOIC™ treatment where suitable
  • Floor grating for heavier loads
  • Additional or larger Noise-Lock Doors
  • Access panels for equipment and test openings
  • Acousti-Flote Floor for Hemi-Anechoic Rooms
  • Double IAC Acousti-Flote Floor for Schedule 60 Rooms
  • Air mounts, springs or other type vibration isolators
  • Independent ventilation system
  • RF shielding

Additional Anechoic Chamber Information

Acoustic chambers are used for sound data collection in a wide variety of research and development applications. Testing includes the analysis of patterns of noise for loudspeakers, microphones and electrical components, telecommunication & computer equipment, as well as clinical research.

  • Up to 100% absorption of the incident sound energy
  • Reflected sound pressure level of 10% or less

Popular Applications benefiting from Acoustic Chambers

Institutions, universities, and corporations frequently require both anechoic and reverberation room facilities. These controlled environments encompass a wide range of performance specification. We also design chambers for government, institutional and industrial laboratories and testing facilities; and for industries including automotive, high-tech, energy, telecommunications, consumer products, audio & aircraft/aerospace.

Important Considerations

Noise levels, vibration isolation, ventilation, humidity controls, and RF Shielding are some needs we address in the design of our acoustic chambers.

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