sound diffuser panels
acoustic diffusers in music room
sound reflectors in theatre
noise diffusers in lobby
sound diffuser panels
acoustic diffusers in music room
sound reflectors in theatre
noise diffusers in lobby

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Acoustical Diffusers & Reflectors

The shaped surfaces of Kinetics’ Geometric Diffusers break up direct sound reflections and disburse them more evenly throughout the listening space. Random disbursement of sound reflections greatly improves sound quality and consistency for the listener. Acoustic Diffusers are perfect for churches, recording studios/spaces, band and choral rehearsal rooms, as well as performance spaces. Auditoriums also benefit with the use of sound diffusers panels on the rear and side walls.

The Kinetics Ovation Panel is ideal when designing for large spaces requiring improved sound directivity, strength, and timing of reflections from the ceiling area. Kinetics Ovation Panels are perfect for auditoriums, lecture halls, and performing arts centers.

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Product Features


  • Available in molded co-polymer finishes, hardwoods, or wrapped in fabric of your choice
  • Beautiful wood, striking visuals, 2-dimensional diffusion


  • 1/2″ plywood core – Finished with fiber reinforced gel coat colors (stock) or optional custom colors
  • Ceiling-suspended with attached points on steel framing
  • Laminate or hardwood veneer finishes available on 3/4″ plywood core
  • 8′ x 8′ minimum sizes recommended for broad band sound reflection

OVATION REFLECTOR PANEL Acoustical Performance

  • Sound absorption per ASTM C-423


  • Standard: Gel Coat Finish, Class C rated per ASTM E84
  • Special Option: Class A rated 4′ x 10′ maximum panel size with fire-rated core and laminate face

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