grey noise enclosure
grey soundproof enclosure
sound isolation enclosure
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O'Neill noise enclosure
grey noise enclosure
grey soundproof enclosure
sound isolation enclosure
white noise reduction enclosure
O'Neill noise enclosure

Noise Enclosures

Noise enclosures, (also referred to as acoustic enclosures), are a key design element in bringing industrial, process, and manufacturing facilities to safer noise levels for a better work environment.

Designed to capture the noise source or the people impacted by the noise, the proper design of a noise enclosure will account for operator and maintenance access, ventilation, safety codes, air quality and egress, and possible needs for future expansion.

Industrial & Environmental Applications

Applications that significantly benefit from acoustic enclosures includes Control Rooms, Plastic Granulators, In-Line Product Test Stations, Backup Power Generators, Compressors, Manufacturing Equipment, Positive Displacement Blowers, Test Chambers, Vacuum Blowers, Air-Cooled Chillers, Cooling Towers, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Generators, Fans, and Blowers.

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Product Features

O’Neill noise enclosures consist of pre-engineered, modular acoustical metal panels (“building blocks”) that can be configured and assembled into a wide variety of structures used to control and reduce excessive noise levels in industrial, commercial, institutional and community environments. Moduline is particularly suited for applications requiring a high degree of noise reduction of 40 decibels or more combined with rugged durability. Moduline is particularly well suited to:

  • Integration of lighting, ventilation, fire fighting systems, air-conditioning, etc.
  • Available sound and vibration isolating floor systems
  • Designs for interior and exterior installation sites
  • Available Noise-Lock® sound control door & window systems
  • Installation services that can be included in IAC Acoustics’ scope of supply

Acoustic Enclosure Walls, Ceilings & Floors

  • Moisture protection for absorption materials prevents entrapment of volatile or corrosive liquids
  • Noise-Foil® sound absorption system reduces reverberant build-up within existing “hard” structures
  • Optional Fire-Noise-Lock® construction provides certification of 1.5 hour fire rating — all components shipped with UL label

Acoustic Enclosure Doors & Other Accessories

  • Single and double-leaf “Cam-Lift”, no-sill personnel doors. Clear opening to 8′ x 14′ (2438 x 4267 mm). Special designs for larger openings available.
  • Panic hardware
  • Manual and automated single and double-leaf sliding doors
  • Removable panel details — all hardware captive
  • Access plugs for local access
  • Double-glazed window units provide visibility at no loss of acoustic integrity
  • UL fire-rated doors — 3 hours — up to 42″ x 90″ (1067 x 2286 mm) single-leaf clear opening. 84″ x 90″ (2134 x 2286 mm) double-leaf clear opening.

Acoustic Enclosure Standard Materials

  • Cold-rolled solid steel and galvanized steel with a durable powder coated finish

Sound Enclosure Ventilation

  • Acoustically compatible systems — 100 -10,000 cfm (170 -17,000 m3 / hr)
  • Wide range of acoustically and aerodynamically rated silencers for normal & most exacting requirements

Optional Sound Enclosure Materials

  • All galvanized construction
  • Special stainless constructions — contact IAC Acoustics for additional details

Fire Resistance Ratings

Fire-Noise-Lock™ panels ship with UL labels certifying 1-hour (solid side) and 1.5-hour (absorptive side) fire ratings. Doors are certified and ship with UL fire ratings available up to 3 hours.

Blast Resistance

Moduline structures and components can be designed to withstand blast loads, with doors remaining operable after blast — please contact the factory for details.

Related Applications

Popular applications for this product include:

industrial noise control for a factory

Manufacturing & Industrial

Noise control problems in industrial & manufacturing sectors are solved with equipment noise isolation via machine noise enclosures, modular in-plant offices or a combination of both.

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Building Systems

Building systems—most notably HVAC systems and the mechanical rooms that contain them—can be a major source of noise without proper noise reduction treatments.

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Product Testing & Development

Acoustically-treated enclosures designed to provide consistent testing environments for precise measurements while providing sound isolation from external environments.

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Security & Law Enforcement Soundproofing

Soundproofing & noise control for security, emergency and law enforcement facilities. Our sound control solutions dramatically reduce noisy distractions caused by open-concept spaces, callers, respondents, equipment, etc.

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Radio, TV & Post Production

Studio soundproofing solutions allow for crisp, clear editing and production in recording studios, control rooms and editing rooms for radio, TV, music & movie environments.

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Healthcare Facilities

Every medical facility has its own unique sound control needs. Whether you need noise control solutions for exam room privacy or audiometric testing booths, we have you covered.

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Our Service Offerings

O'Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. offers complete noise control solutions to suit your specific needs. Click on one of our services below to learn more about what we can offer you.

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