Noise enclosures are one of the best ways to combat the bothersome noise associated with industrial machinery. Untreated, the surrounding area becomes dangerous to work due to the excessive noise.

Noise enclosures, quite simply, enclose the noise source or the noise receivers (operators,
assembly people, etc.). But as simple as it sounds, the design of these enclosures must take into account several factors, including egress, maintenance access, the possibility of future expansion and ventilation.

Almost every piece of equipment in a manufacturing facility generates heat.  That heat can reduce the effectiveness of the machinery and even shorten its life.  Designing proper ventilation for an enclosure is vital.

To allow for air flow while maintaining the noise reduction achieved with the enclosure, we utilize silenced ventilation systems. These systems can be as simple as a blower system that moves existing plant air through the enclosure, or as complex as a separate HVAC system. Silencers placed on the intake and exhaust will prevent the passage of noise in or out of the enclosure, while addressing the need for ventilation to prevent overheating.  Silencers are an acoustically treated segment of ductwork designed to lower the noise while allowing the air to pass through.

Silencers are regularly installed in the buildings ducts, effectively reducing the noise from fans, blowers, etc. as they pass through the duct work.  Both circular and rectangular silencers are standard.

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