It’s no surprise that many industrial atmospheres have higher levels of noise. The machinery that creates the products are typically the culprits of the higher noise levels. The need to reduce and control noise levels in facilities demands a solution for loud machinery and processes. Fortunately, there’s an option that makes noise control simple and convenient.

Noise enclosures, also referred to as soundproof enclosures or acoustical enclosures, are designed to reduce noise levels to safe and acceptable levels. Meeting these requirements directly contributes to safety standards by reducing excessive noise.

What exactly is a Noise Enclosure?

A noise enclosure is a modular panel room designed to surround and isolate noisy machinery inside or outside of a facility. Acoustical enclosures are made of sound absorbing barrier materials that not only contain high noise levels, but may compliment the original design of your facility. With the right construction, a noise enclosure will account for the following:

Operator and Maintenance: Convenient access points will be featured to ensure that operational functions can take place. Maintenance access for repair and replacement is critical.

Ventilation: Accounting for heat loads, combustion air, and air quality turnovers, noise enclosures include design features that allow for safe, efficient, and quiet ventilation.

Egress: Being able to safely and conveniently enter and exit an enclosure during normal times or during an emergency requires the proper design.

Future Expansion: Flexibility in enclosure designs allow for expansion or reconfiguration as required as requirements and equipment change.

Custom Noise Enclosures at O’Neill Engineered Systems

Reducing noise levels within a facility impacts more than just the safety of a workplace. It directly contributes to productivity, efficiency and employee morale. The experts at O’Neill Engineered Systems have the experience needed to identify, design and engineer an enclosure that meets your needs.

Our pre-engineered acoustical enclosures are configured to meet your custom needs with the goal of efficiently reducing excessive noise levels. Our design elements can include lighting, electrical, fire suppression, water, fuel, and air conditioning as needed. Check out additional noise enclosure specifications or contact us to get started today!