The Stone Arch Lofts is a luxury residential high rise in the heart of Minneapolis that straddles the Mississippi River to the North and the New Minnesota Vikings – US Bank Stadium to the South. The view from the roof top terrace is one of the best in the entire city. The residents of Stone Arch Lofts are taking greater advantage of this roof top space by establishing an attractive outdoor dining and party area.

Noise Control Challenge

Near the entertainment area are two small exhaust systems that generate sufficient noise to contaminate the conversational atmosphere desired by the residents. A reduction of 10 dBA was determined to be necessary to bring the mechanical noise to an acceptable level. In addition, the appearance of the fan systems was not very attractive and the desire was to upgrade it.

Noise Control Solution

O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. designed a modular acoustic enclosure to quiet the two exhaust systems. Because of the cost and disruption of a crane to lift materials to the roof the enclosure panels and support steel needed to fit within a small occupancy elevator. The enclosures were designed to be held in place by ballast hidden inside the enclosure. An inlet air silencer was used to allow air to enter the enclosure. An attractive, factory applied powder coat finish was incorporated.

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