ho chunk noise enclosure


Ho Chunk Gaming embarked on multi-million dollar expansion project that included a new 120 room hotel and an expanded gaming floor for the casino in northwest Wisconsin. http://www.ho-chunkgaming.com/.

Noise Control Challenge

To provide back-up power for the expansion, a new 1750 KW Generator was installed.  The noise from this generator immediately became a problem for the neighbors as the casino backs up to a residential community.  O’Neill Engineered Systems (OES) was contacted to survey the area and propose a solution that lower the noise and allowed uninterrupted service from the generator.

Noise Control Solution

Based upon our findings we proposed a noise enclosure that measured 44’ x 19’ x 25’ high with 2 sets of double doors to allow for maintenance access. OES designed, furnished and installed the sound enclosure with the modular Noishield FS panel system as manufactured by IAC-Acoustics based in North Aurora, IL. www.iacacoustics.com. Following the installation the sound levels were measured and found to have dropped by more than 15 dB-A eliminating the noise issue for the neighbors.

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