Industrial Exhaust Silencer


Noise control problems in the food industry often challenge traditional noise control companies by requiring an outside-the-box design. The project highlighted here required the ability to clean-inplace and inspect the internals of a large fan silencer.

Noise Control Challenge

In this application an exhaust fan (112,000 acfm) at a food manufacturing facility was generating mid-frequency broadband noise concentrated between 500Hz – 4000Hz that was being emitted out of the existing exhaust stack. The sound level in the community was approximately 7 dBA over local night time allowance and it was generating consistent complaints from residential neighbors. Unlike other types of non-directional mechanical equipment, traditional sound screens don’t work effectively for vertical discharge exhaust stacks as the stacks send the noise up and would go over a very tall screen. Even though the noise is sent upward it eventually bends back to earth and can cause noise complaints.

Noise Control Solution

The design parameters for this project required the installation of a custom designed, in-line sound attenuator that provided the following features; Minimum Insertion Loss of 15 dBA, Access Doors for Baffle Change & Inspection, Removable and Cleanable Baffles, Clean in Place (CIP) Capability and Inspection View Ports. By utilizing decades of field, process and design experience O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. in partnership with VG Engineering Inc. supplied a silencer to successfully meet all of the project’s design parameters.

O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. has the technical capabilities and experience to look for new and creative ways to solve noise control problems.

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