A large Midwestern hotel and casino complex was in the final stages of completion of an 86 million dollar hotel expansion.  Late in the stages of construction it was determined that noise from a screw chiller located in the rear of the facility would negatively impact a pool and patio area.  The design/build contractor on the project contacted O’Neill Engineered System’s because of previous collaboration on construction of some sound walls around mechanical equipment for the Rochester MN School district.

The chiller was surrounded on three sides by an 8’ high concrete wall which amplified the noise in the direction of the patio area.  O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. determined the appropriate solution would be to install an Absorptive, Modular Sound Screen on the side facing the patio.  It was determined through acoustic modeling that the wall would need to be a height of 12’ in order to provide sufficient noise reduction.  The absorptive properties of the wall were also important in this application since reflected sound energy may have sent the unwanted noise to other areas of the complex.  OES Inc. provided an engineered solution as manufactured by IAC Acoustics to span between the two existing concrete walls.  The design provided access to the chiller area through a large sound control double door. Noise reduction of approximately 15 -20 dBA is achievable through the use of high performance Modular Sound wall.

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