O’Neill Engineered Systems (OES) was contacted by one of the premier hotel and banquet facilities in the resort town of Lake Geneva Wisconsin to help address a noise problem they experienced while hosting weddings and other large events in their banquet rooms. The high end restaurant of this facility is located directly above the banquet rooms and the sounds from the events below made it impossible to seat patrons in more than half the restaurant.

Noise Control Challenge

OES conducted a site survey and discussed the options with the owners and determined that creating a “Floating Ceiling” over the banquet facilities would provide the needed noise isolation from the lower spaces to the upper restaurant area.

Noise Control Solution

OES designed and furnished the ceiling isolators as manufactured by Kinetics Noise Control. www.kineticsnoise.com Approximately 4,100 square feet of ceiling area received the Kinetics Model ICC spring isolated ceiling hangars which are rated STC 84 to 94 depending on the exact design. Following the installation of the floating ceiling the sound levels were significantly reduced in the dining area and they are now able to use that area while bands are playing below and have increased revenues due to the availability of the dining room.

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