Office Sound Reduction & Soundproofing

For many office spaces, sound reduction and noise control are important acoustic treatments to consider. Office sound reduction can positively affect employee productivity by minimizing the nuisance of unwanted office noise levels. Sound reduction is commonly used for open plan offices or offices with high ceilings, exposed glass, cinder block, sheet rock, or concrete that promote reverberation and echo.

Creating the best acoustic environment is a necessity when the protection of sensitive information is paramount (in industries like legal, medical, and financial) by keeping confidential conversations from leaking into the surrounding environment.

Click on a category below to find the right office soundproofing solution for your commercial office space.

Open-Plan Office Noise Reduction

Open-plan office noise reduction solutions transform noise chaos into composure – ensuring a healthy, happy and ultra-productive work environment that significantly reduces noise distractions.

Conference Rooms & Private Offices

Office noise reduction for enclosed office spaces provide enhanced privacy & confidentiality, which is especially important when dealing with HR, financial, legal and/or security matters.

Server Rooms

Server room noise reduction & soundproofing solutions, such as sound control curtains & sound absorbing acoustic panels, provide a quieter, more productive environment.