Audiometric Booths

For Optimal Medical Research & Hearing Acuity Diagnosis

Audiometric booths (also referred to audiometric test rooms) are used for measuring hearing acuity—that is, for determining a subject’s hearing levels—as well as for various medical research purposes. For accurate diagnoses or research, the booth’s internal environment must be insulated from outside noise.

As a trusted noise enclosure supplier for IAC Acoustics, these audiometric booths are built from industry-leading noise-blocking materials:

  • 40a Series: 4″ single-wall construction ― NIC 50
  • 800a Series: 4″ single-wall with 4″ enhancement package ― NIC 60
  • 120a Series: 12″ double-wall construction ― NIC 70
  • ACT (Audiometric Control & Test) Series: a combination of single and/or double wall constructed rooms

Our audiometric booths also benefit from modular panel construction. This allows for customizable configurations to fit virtually any size and shape, as well as numerous applications including:

  • Single occupancy booths or of varying sizes and layouts
  • Made to order rooms and booths
  • Mobile facilities
  • Hospital/clinic complete build-out
  • Refurbishment of existing rooms
  • Room treatments/conversions for existing rooms being modified for audiology testing

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