Mechanical Room Noise Control Solutions

Effectively Soundproof a Noisy Boiler/Mechanical Room

A mechanical room (a.k.a. a boiler room) is the space in a building dedicated to the mechanical equipment and its associated electrical equipment.

Mechanical room noise can be difficult to treat. Not only are there multiple noise sources to consider (air handlers, boilers, chillers, water pumps, HVAC equipment, etc.), but—generally speaking—these rooms consist of mostly hard surfaces that don’t promote sound absorption. As such, sound from this space is trapped and will simply bounce from surface to surface until moving into adjacent spaces. These reflections create sound pressure levels that can actually be greater than the sum of all the sound being emitted by the machines.

The O’Neill Difference

We have extensive experience designing and installing solutions that effectively isolate noise generated by mechanical rooms.

Where O’Neill differs is we’ve developed a tried-and-true on-site assessment process, from which we emerge with a more intimate understanding of your project than other so-called noise control companies. Some of our customers have  reached out to us to improve upon noise control attempts of others who failed to achieve the noise reduction levels required.

In short, we’ll do it right the first time.

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We’ll help you insulate your mechanical room using the following noise control products:

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