Restaurants, Hotels & Convention Centers

Hospitality Noise Control Solutions for Happy Guests, Employees & Neighbors

Apart from the industrial and manufacturing sectors, the hospitality industry probably emits the next highest level of noise. Whether generated from (for example) noisy restaurants and bars, in-house casinos, banquet rooms, adjoining laundry and maintenance facilities, or even water parks, effective noise reduction and/or soundproofing for hotels, convention centers, restaurants and bars are paramount for keeping guests, tenants, employees, and neighbors comfortable and happy. Check out the most popular noise control applications below!

Banquet Room & Restaurant Noise Reduction

Restaurant soundproofing & noise control solutions help keep guests comfortable, ensure good stewardship with neighboring buildings and communities, as well as aid in noise regulation compliance.

Sound Isolation to Residential Above

Soundproofing and noise control solutions protect tenants of residential units above restaurants and bars from intrusive noise disruptions. It also ensures good stewardship and aids in noise regulation compliance.

Community Noise Control

Outdoor sound dampening & soundproofing helps protect patrons & neighbors from unwanted sounds & intrusive noise pollution - whether traffic, trains or nearby industrial/manufacturing plants.