Acoustic Separation between Bars and Restaurants and the Residents Above

Noise Control Solutions Protect Both Parties from Intrusive Noise Disruptions

Whether it’s a bar, restaurant, café or other dining & hospitality facility, if there are residential living quarters above, sound isolation is essential.

Buildings with residential living quarters above bars and restaurants need to create acoustic isolation to prevent the noise from impacting the residents.

Guests & patrons do not want to hear the interactions of the tenants above, and likewise, residential tenants do not want to have their private living space infiltrated by the noise of unwanted strangers (particularly rowdy ones).

Soundproofing hospitality buildings with attached, above housing protects both parties from uninvited noise, ensures good stewardship, and aids in noise regulation compliance.

O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. takes care of all your soundproofing needs – from On-Site Noise Assessments & Consulting to Noise Control Products and complete Turn-Key Solutions.

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