Acoustic Solutions for Places of Worship

fabric wrapped sound panels

Clarity of Speech and Music are Keys for Places of Worship

Thanks to their (typically) vast spaces with large windows, dense building materials, and tall angular ceilings, places of worship like churches, synagogues, and temples have unique acoustic challenges. If untreated, speakers’ voices and music can become muddled from reverberation and echo, making it difficult to understand and negatively affecting worshiper experience.

Naturally, church acoustic challenges must be treated with proper noise control products for optimal speech intelligibility and music clarity. Installed in strategic locations, acoustic panels can simultaneously clarify intended sounds and mitigate unintended noise and reverberation for an enjoyable listening and—hopefully—spiritual experience.

Sound-absorbing acoustic panels can also help mitigate unintended noise produced by large crowds, HVAC systems, outdoor noise pollution, and other sources of unwanted noise.

At O’Neill, we can design and install custom noise control solutions for practically any place of worship using industry-tested and trusted sound absorbing materials. Our experienced sales engineers specialize in acoustic treatments for:

  • Sanctuary spaces
  • Classrooms
  • Fellowship halls
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Nurseries
  • Cry rooms

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