Multi-Purpose Room & Gymnasium Sound Absorption Solutions

Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

Achieve Optimal Multi-Purpose Room & Gymnasium Acoustics

Because gymnasiums and multi-purpose rooms are typically large, open spaces with high ceilings and hard, reflective surfaces, communications between teacher and student are difficult. The size of these spaces and the materials used, contribute to the reverberation time (the time it takes for sound to decay), which makes speech unintelligible and can cause a tremendous stress for those who work in these spaces. Anyone who has been in a school gymnasium, recreational center, or activity center can attest to this. Gymnasium soundproofing is a solution OES can deliver.

The Ideal Gymnasium Reverberation Time

Since many multi-purpose spaces are used for concerts, banquets, conferences, performances, or other assemblies, problems in gymnasium acoustics must be addressed. Reverberation time for gymnasium noise needs to be below two seconds, but to facilitate other activities, a reverberation time of 1-1.5 seconds is ideal.

The O’Neill Difference

To effectively treat gymnasium noise problems, we offer a series of sound absorbing materials (with ratings as close to 1.0 NRC as possible) which are designed to cover wall and ceiling surfaces as required. Our extensive experience in solving multi-purpose room and gymnasium acoustic problems allows us to offer you the right noise control solution for your space. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions for gym acoustics.

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