Security & Law Enforcement Soundproofing

Proper acoustics and noise control is vital in many security, emergency and law enforcement facilities. Our sound control solutions dramatically reduce noisy distractions that can be caused by open-concept spaces, callers, respondents, equipment and more.

O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. is your complete provider of noise control solutions – from On-Site Assessments & Consulting to Product Design and Engineering – we have all your sound problems covered!

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Emergency Dispatch Centers

Incorporating the proper noise control products in strategic spaces significantly reduces distractions from phones, callers & respondents within law enforcement call centers and emergency dispatch centers.

Interrogation Rooms

Noise control for interrogation rooms is critical for preserving case confidentiality. They're also important for eliminating disruptions or distractions to others that can occur with room interactions.

Day Room

Noise control products reduce reverberation, echo and noisy interactions that occur in Day Rooms. Noise control solutions, such as acoustic wall panels allow for quieter, less stressful environments.


SCIFs are secure, soundproof rooms designed to protect sensitive information. O'Neill Engineered Systems has been designing & installing DCID 6/9 and ICD 705 compliant modular SCIF rooms since our inception.