Every day, we at O’Neill Engineered Systems are approached by current and prospective clients in need of noise control solutions. We realize that every customer’s needs are unique and important, and therefore, we’re tasked with finding the right solution for them. Luckily, we love this—we’re noise control experts with a passion for problem-solving!

One of the most common noise control solutions we employ is the acoustical fabric   wrapped panel. Put simply, a resin hardened board of fiber glass is made into a sheet up to 4 feet wide by 10 feet long, and then wrapped in fabrics or vinyl coverings.

The panels themselves are designed to absorb the reverberant sound in the air, essentially eliminating the echo which interferes with clarity. As a result, in a space with excessive echoes, you cannot hear the sound (a speaker, a musician, an instrument, etc.). When installed in an appropriate quantity, the sounds are crystal clear.

All of the materials we use are Class A for fire and smoke control, keeping them as safe as they are effective at noise control.  The panels are typically 1 to 4 inches thick, and are available in many different edge shapes and conditions.

What are just some of the many spaces that can benefit from these acoustical fabric wrapped panels? Lobbies, conference rooms, break rooms, shop floors, churches and worship halls, recording studios, and so many more.  And don’t worry—no need for you to figure out how much absorption is necessary. We can do that for you. We’ll perform a simple evaluation on your space, and make the appropriate recommendations.

Take a look at the visually-appealing panels on our website, and contact us with any questions.