On-Site Noise Control Assessment

on-site noise control service

OES Sales Engineers can come to your facility to conduct a noise assessment to determine the scope of your problem. We do this in the pursuit of providing the solution and the expense of this visit can be incorporated into the solution to reduce any upfront cost to the end user. Whether the issue exists in commercial or industrial environments, we offer the acoustic testing needed to control noise.

On-Site Assessment Process

  1. Discussion with the client of who the noise is impacting. (Is it employees or is it the neighbors?)
  2. Plant tour to gain an understanding of the operation.
  3. Sound Level measurements to determine the current level of noise.
  4. Physical assessment of how workers and materials interact with the loud noise areas
  5. Discussions with operators and maintenance personnel to gain an understanding of how the equipment is operated and maintained.
  6. Determination of ventilation and other maintenance needs.
  7. General discussion of solutions and the challenges they represent.
  8. Establish a timeline for the quotation preparation and delivery