A large exhaust fan (112,000 acfm) at a food manufacturing facility was generating mid-frequency broadband noise concentrated between 500 – 4000 Hz that was being emitted out of the existing exhaust stack. The sound level in the community was approximately 7 dBA over nighttime allowances and it was generating consistent complaints from residential neighbors.

Sound Control Challenge

The client requirements for the solution required a custom designed, in line sound attenuator that provided the following features; 15 dBA overall Insertion Loss, Access Doors for Baffle Removal, Removable/Cleanable Baffles, Solvent Clean In Place (CIP) Capability, Inspection View Ports and all stainless construction.

Sound Control Solution

By utilizing decades of field, process and design experience O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. partnered with V.G. Engineering to successfully meet all the customer requirements. O’Neill Engineered Systems, Inc. is not intimidated to take on the technical challenges.

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